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Exit to Oman for a visa change and have a wonderful stay while you enjoy comfortable and affordable services provided by Jubilant Tourism.

Our Oman visa department specializes in visa change to Oman and provide customers to take the exit package either from Dubai to Oman by bus or via air, depending on the budget and choice of the client.

Contact us for daily deals on packages on Visa change to Oman and spend your Oman holidays in the best way possible.

Terms & Conditions

Oman visa for different nationalities is provided at different rates.
Visa Approval is up to immigration only.
In case of any rejection, Jubilant is not responsible for the application charge.
If a person does not leave UAE within the required time as per their visa, then all the fines will be paid by the Applicant / Sponsor of Applicant.
In case of all kind of over stays or absconding of applicant, all the fines will be paid by Applicant / Sponsor of application.

When Visa Applications are under security section or CID section, Kindly Note that we are unable to proceed clearance , until the security status cleared from Immigration itself.
Therefore we are not Responsible for any of the Expenses or fines causing on the applicant.

For more Info Please Call: 042995050 , Email us :

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