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Tour type: Daily Tour
Maximum number of people: Unlimited
Location: UAE, Dubai
Departure date:
Return date:


Arabic Visa Details:

14 Days Visa – 400 AED

30 Days visa – 500 AED

90 Days Visa – 1000 AED

Deposit: 5500 AED

Time: 3-5 working Days

Documents Requirement

  • Passport Valid 6 Months.
  • Passport sized Photograph.
  • Hotel Accommodations/ Return Ticket.
  • Additional Documents may be required upon request.

Terms & Conditions

  • Visa approval is up to the immigration.
  • In case of any rejection, Jubilant is not responsible for the application charge.
  • If a person does not leave the country within the required time as per their visa, then all the fines will be paid by the Applicant / Sponsor of Applicant.
  • In case of all kind of over stays or absconding of applicant, all the fines will be paid by Applicant / Sponsor of application.
  • When Visa Applications are under security section or CID section, Kindly Note that we are unable to proceed clearance , until the security status cleared from Immigration itself.
  • Therefore we are not Responsible for any of the Expenses or fines causing on the applicant.
  • for more Info: Please call 042995050 or email us:

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